Just a few quotes about CLOUT’s work:

“I applaud the many positive things your organization does through empowering individuals and fighting inequities of our society. I hope to keep making those positive changes with CLOUT as we move forward in creating the best city government in the world.”

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer

“We have a lot of residents in our community, but not enough citizens. Your work is direct evidence of what real citizenship can do. I applaud your work.”

Former Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson

“Hillard Lyons is proud to support CLOUT and the outstanding work that you do in our community.”

— Jim Allen, Chairman & CEO, Hilliard Lyons

“I want to commend you on your good work. You’ve earned your name. CLOUT has clout!”

— Steve Williams, President, Norton Healthcare System

“As a businessman one of the things that we find very important is that our investments pay off in dividends. And I can tell you with confidence that CLOUT is an organization that gets things done. So I feel very comfortable that our investment in CLOUT is paying off. I am very proud to be associated with CLOUT.”

— Mike Cunio, former Plant Manager, BASF Corporation

“‘They can bring numbers to bear on an issue,’ he said . . . . Neal said the group is refreshing because its members are issue-oriented, have concrete ideas that are supported by research, and they don’t burden him or other officials with philosophical discussions. ‘I’ve never sat down with these folks and felt they were unclear,’ he said.”

— State Senator Gerald Neal, in Courier-Journal article

“I have enjoyed being a participant in your activities . . . I applaud you for being active in your community . . . . only through the involvement of people in the community can we make it better . . . keep up the good work.”

—Jack Hillerich, former President & CEO, Hillerich & Bradsby Co.

“It’s important for us to be associated with a group whose goals and objectives are as important as this group . . . . As the father of two small boys, I am very proud and happy to note that there is a group out there that is working to ‘Build a Safe City Where Every Child Succeeds’ . . . . With a mission as important as this, and a team and staff that is as capable as this, it is a real tribute to you… we will continue to support you.

—Alex Waldrop, former Vice-President, Churchill Downs

“In our experience, what sets CLOUT apart is their diligence in understanding the causes of problems and their thorough research into the effectiveness of the solutions they propose. . . As a business leader, my interest lies in their work to increase academic achievement and youth mentoring to improve the employability of the young people in our community.”

—Mike Sanchez, former Plant Manager, DuPont